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Affordable and effective SEO for small business

Wired Office ranks highly for all the major key terms in one of the most competitive industries in Australia - for specific key terms in computer repairs and services, in our targeted region in Western Australia. We are consistently number #1, #2, or #3 for all the most sought after terms. Over the last couple of years we have survived the Google Panda and Penguin updates (algorithm changes) while many around us lost their cherished prime positions. Google likes what we are doing and it shows.

Have you tried SEO services and got nowhere? You're not alone. This is because real SEO is hands on and most seo'ers are not prepared to do the work. We know through experience that doing the work is the only way to climb the ladder of seo position. Our aim to get you to page one, and keep working over the term to climb the ladder of page one.

search optimization for small business

Being on page 1 of Google is a great start, but being number #1, #2 or #3 on Google's organic search index can make a big difference to your business. Most businesses will see a rise in enquiries from people who are searching for your product or service on the day and are ready to buy. People seldom go beyond the top 3 in the search results and will almost never go to page 2. While no SEO'er can guarantee position on Google's own search engine, we aim to duplicate our own success for others

We are now accepting a handful of clients for our SEO practice at a cost of $195 per month with a 12 month contract. Please contact us for costs if your current website requires an SEO re-write.

Don't miss this opportunity to rise up the ranks on Google. This offer will close when we reach our small client intake. For more information call David direct on 0400 241 756 for more information.

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