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Why computer buyers are turning to local, custom built computers for home, home office and small business.

We've been building custom computers for 20 years now and while phones and tablets have overtaken sales of computers, we have seen a trend towards local custom built computers.

A few reasons to explain this trend

  1. locally built computers come with local support and local warranty. You will not have to wait a week to get it back if there is a problem.
  2. Small system builders like us tend to build better and more reliable systems. We have always enjoyed very low warranty issues and have seen our computers lasting 3 times the life of average commercial systems like HP or Dell.
  3. Our systems are very competitive and flexible. For example, we can build a computer with the latest generation Intel cores from only $1399, and you can upgrade to quality options such fast SSD drives, SSD Hybrid drives, and massive photo storage.
  4. Our preferred chassis is small, lightweight carbon fibre with super quiet fans.

We look forward to building your new computer according to your budget and system preferences!

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Everyone wants a snappy computer, so why are we choosing not to build with Intel's new 7th generation Kaby Lake (named after a lake in Canada)

Even if you are a casual internet surfer, a business, or a family, everyone wants a fast computer - fast to load, fast to run virus scans, fast to load web pages. Even if users don't know it, everyone comments on the speed and general performance in our desktop performance systems.

If Intel 7th gen is faster then why are Apple, and Microsoft Surface Pro not using the most recent processors? Here is a snippet from an article asking these questions over at cnet.

"It's not too surprising that Intel's Kaby Lake CPU ran 12 percent faster than the comparable Skylake -- because the new chip is clocked 12 percent faster anyhow! Which could be a problem, because faster clock speeds tend to generate more heat and consume more battery as well."

For the time being we are sticking to 6th generation SKYLAKE Intel cores. With an SSD drive installed you will be amazed at start up times and overall performance is breathtaking. Made up your mind for 7th gen Kaby Lake? No problems, we will build for you.


Duncraig, near Hillarys, Perth Western Australia.


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Looking for Video editing, CAD, drafting capabilities etc?

You can upgrade to Intel's new Core i7 processor range and power supply upgrades for specific tasks such as drafting CAD, drawing or mapping, gaming, multiple monitors, and TRADING COMPUTERS. Ask about upgrade costs.







  12 Months Onsite Limited Hardware Replacement warranty