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**PLEASE NOTE** We no longer work with hardware related damage to hard drives due to declining demand in the industry, but we are still providing a service for logical recovery at the firmware level of drives. There is a minimum $49 for investigation and quoting should the drive be responsive to this type of recovery.

For other types of recovery, lost files, missing data, accidentally formatted drives etc., either via online support or local service, please call for further information.


Australia wide data recovery jobs. When sending drives from Western Australia's north west or from interstate please package carefully and include full contact details.

Call Direct (mobile) 0400 241 756 for assistance. We are a small, friendly, successful recovery service based in Perth WA.

We also RECOVER EMAILS FROM DAMAGED PST FILES FROM OUTLOOK when all other repair options have failed. Don't keep trying to extract data from a damaged PST file as you risk further damage to the file. Send your file to use from anywhere in the world for fast turnaround (3-5 days) and very high recovery success rates using specialised inhouse programs.


Examples of Recent Data Recovery Jobs:

Note that you do not always need your damaged or inaccessible hard drive to go to the lab level of recovery. Often we are able to recover data successfully from drives not recognised in Windows, drives making ticking or clicking sounds. Drives required programmatically will mean big savings off the lab level recovery, often costing around one third of the lab charges. Don't risk attempting recovery with anyone other than an experienced and qualified IT specialist or you may further damage the drive. Recovery from inaccessible drives is a specialist niche skill.

Most recent drives successfully recovered shown below:

Recovered data successfully from WD Passport with oxidation and firmware level corruptions issues. 100% recovery.  
Seagate USB portable Expansion Drive not recognised in Windows; grinding, clicking 100%
WD MyBook USB drive unable to start; no activity from power board 100%
Seagate Barracuda not recognised in Windows; clicking from damaged heads 100%
Seagate SATA6 hard drive asking "do you want to format" and partition showing as RAW 100%
Recovered all emails (1995-2014) from a broken Outlook PST file that all previous
attempts at repair and recovery yielded no result.

no recovery no charge

What are the chances of recovery?

Damaged hard drives can fail for a range of reasons, such as electrical circuit board errors, mechanical damage, firmware and file table corruption as a few examples. We offer our data recovery customers a very high chance of recovery, even for drives that are not recognized or do not start up. As a small lab service we are significantly cheaper than big labs and DO NOT send drives to overseas services as many larger labs do.

What systems do you work with?.

We are able to recover data from various Apple and Windows systems of all versions, RAID, NAS, SAN, desktop and enterprise-class drives.

Data Recovery - Does one of these situations describe your problem?  
  • Drive asks "Do you want to format this drive?" (lost partition table showing as RAW (no partition)
  • You turn on the computer, Windows starts but is not able to access the drive?
  • Your computer starts then reports an error such as NTLDR or CONFIG.SYS MISSING OR DAMAGED, or startup reports BOOT error messages?
  • You see a Blue Screen BSOD
  • Your computer keeps restarting in an endless loop?
  • You can see your external hard drive in device management or computer management but cannot open the drive from your PC?
  • You formatted your hard drive but need to recover folders or other data?
  • You want to recover accidentally deleted files**
  • Your external USB drive is no longer recognized in Windows or intermittently appears
  • hard drive is clicking or knocking
  • hard drive has grinding sounds

Tips to minimise further risk to data

  • if your drive is not recognized by Windows it is likely to further damage the drive by repeatedly plugging in and unplugging the drive - do not allow computer shops to open the drive exposing the platter, this will often cause irreversible damage to the platter.
  • in data recovery scenarios you will often only have one chance to force access to the drive. We give you THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE CHANCE OF SUCCESS based on our current recovery rate well over 90%.
  • attempts to recover data using internet downloaded software have a high potential to damage the disk further. Data recovery software found online only works when data is viewable and the drive is recognised inside Windows.
  • when sending a faulty drive by post use plenty of bubble wrap padding and protect the PCB (the green electrical board) from damage in transit. If you can buy an ANTISTATIC bag you will mimise the risk of ESD (electro static discharge).
Other examples of hard disk recovery  
  • Hitachi 2.5" Dell. Inaccessible; clicking and grinding noises. Successfully recovered critical MYOB and Documents folder.
  • Seagate 3.5". Drive does not spin up and appears dead. Recovered 100% of crucial medical related data on this drive.
  • WD 2TB. Burnt electrical board. 100% successful recovery.
  • Seagate 500GB SATA. Accidentally formatted erasure. The disk was erased and OS reinstalled before realizing a large folder containing jpeg images had been left behind. We were able to restore all data and return the jpeg images on a separate drive. (the wedding photos!)
  • Western Digital large capacity drive. Data can be seen but not able to copy or move. Repaired drive with 100% recovery.
  • Seagate Barracuda. Drive whirrs but does not proceed to startup. Electrical fault diagnosed. 100% successful recovery.
  • Western Digital 3.5". Clicking, clunking sound. 100% successful recovery.
  • Seagate 2.5". Power related storm issue, damaged electronics. 100% successful recovery.

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